Terms of use

1. About us

1Office is an effective working platform (service software) for enterprises, powered and developed by Workway Joint Stock company. We do not involve in the direct using process of your enterprises, except for online technical tools support.

  1. a) Name and address of the head office of trader, organization or name and permanent address of individual:


Office: 3rd Floor – Block G2 Five Star Garden Building – No 2 Kim Giang – Thanh Xuan District – Hanoi City

  1. b) Telephone number, email address or another online contact form:

Telephone: 083 483 8888

Support: support@1office.vn

2. Definitions

1Office: is a platform (service software) accelerating enterprise’s operation and working efficiency, commercialising at https://1office.vn/. 1Office platform offers a variety of outstanding features with a view to supporting customers in effective business operation and running:

Workplace: A toolkit assisting enterprises with internal communication, project management, tasks, processes, petitions, administrative affairs, documents and schedules.

HRM: A toolkit assisting enterprises with human resource management including recruitment, HR data storage, training and evaluating personnels, timekeeping and employee’s salaries control tasks

CRM: A comprehensive toolkit assisting enterprises with sales management ranging from marketing, customer support, sales, purchase, debt and inventory. 


Are Legal entities or Individuals who are in demand of using 1Office comprehensive enterprise administration platform or one of the features developed by 1Office enterprise platform.

User account:

Deployment Status: After a contract has been signed, 1Office User link on the checking system will be in “Deployment” Status and no charge will be charged.

Active Status: After the deployment period has expired according to the contract’s terms, 1Office User link will be switched to the “Active Status”. In this state, the checking system starts recording the number of users to charge.

Pause Status: In case 1Office Users can not put the software into use for some reasons, 1Office users reserve the right to request 1Office (on paper or by email stated in this contract) to switch the system to the “Pause status”. In this state, 1Office will not charge the system maintenance fee for 3 months, from the 4th month onwards, system maintenance fee will be charged at the lowest rate of 500,000 VND/month.

3. Customer’s 1Office Accounts

1Office shall provide 1Office Users with the right to use 1Office Enterprise  Administration software in monthly-paid subscription. Data is stored in data centers controlled by the International Information Security Standard ISO 27001.

During registration process, Customer will create an account and password:

  • Customer shall secure his/her own account and password and is fully responsible for the activities related to Customer’s account.
  • For each account, Customers can invite their employees to join. The number of employees depends on the fee.
  • Customer shall immediately notify 1Office when his/her account or password is used by anyone without permission or with any security errors, and ensures that Customer log out the account after each usage session. 1Office is not liable for any loss, damage or other liability if Customer does not comply with this article or due to an unauthorized access to Customer’s account.

In the event of a dispute arising among two or more parties over the ownership of an account, Customer agrees that 1Office will be the sole arbitrator of such dispute and 1Office’s decision (which may include the termination or the suspension of the disputed account) is final and binding on all parties.

4. Information Privacy

All information and or data provided and inputted by 1Office User in 1Office Enterprise Administration software is the exclusive property of 1Office User and deemed as the Confidential Information of both parties in this Contract. These data and information are committed by 1Office to be fully confidential, to not to be used, disseminated or revealed to any person, company or enterprise by any means without the consent of 1Office User’s representative and/or a request from competent authorities, 1Office shall consult and agree with 1Office User before providing it in accordance with the law.

For any behaviours against information privacy due to errors from 1Office, 1Office shall pay 1Office User a sum equal to 100% of the total contract value as a penalty of violating the information security obligation (from the date on which the contract had been signed till the date of breach) and refund the entire remaining amount in the User Account to 1Office User. 1Officem will be liable for compensation of any damages arising in accordance with the law and the commercial value that 1Office User is affected and will not limit liability until 1Office processes/recovers the confidential information loss

If the Confidential Information is revealed at 1Office’s staff’s errors, 1Office User reserves the right to bring a civil lawsuit and/or request an intervention of competent authorities when detecting a criminal act.

After two parties agree to terminate the agreement or in case two parties do not continue to reach an agreement on business cooperation, the information security agreements in this Contract and the obligation of 1Office to keep the information confidential under this Contract are still valid until 1Office assures that all information has been transferred to 1Office Users and 1Office does not copy, store inputted data, provided information on 1Office Enterprises Administration software in any forms during the contract performance period.

5. Customer’s data and liabilities of the parties

Customer’s data is any information sent, uploaded, transmitted or displayed by any means on Customer’s 1Office Account. These data include: Messages, notifications, files, images, videos, ideas, comments, links, work-related content and all information displayed on Customer’s 1Office account; Customer’s data includes all information, links, documents inputted by Customer and Customer’s accounts into 1Office via cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox.

Customer reserves the right to use and control access to data posted on Customer’s 1Office account. Customer is responsible for all data sent to and from 1Office by Customer or Customer’s account.

The type of data posted on 1Office account is at Customer’s sole discretion. However, the following will NOT BE ALLOWED to be posted on 1Office:

  • Damaging or causing injury to people and property.
  • Relating to the publication of deceptive information, documents, resulting in prestige loss, sexual harrassment or pornography.
  • Infringing upon privacy or discrimination against race, religion, gender, or disabled person
  • Infringing upon intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights.
  • Interrupting or destroying 1Office (including but not limited to unauthorized access to 1Office by any means of machines, software).

1Office reserves the right to disable access to Customer’s data content if we detect the data accessed violating this Article, or we receive a complaint from an user account, or a report of intellectual property violations and/or a notice of contents showing signs of law violation by competent authorities.

6. The third platform collects user data

1Office uses 3 platforms: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel to assist with collecting and analyzing user’s behaviors. These third parties collect information on how users access 1Office (via which browser, device, location) and behaviors, activities of users on 1Office system based on their own policies. 1Office uses the information collected for understanding and analyzing customer behaviors and needs in order to improve the products and services and simultaneously to develop new features, products and services for customers.

All three platforms are big well-known systems in the world, whose standards of personal information and user data privacy are guaranteed. 1Office does not control the storage and use of data collected by the third parties in accordance with their terms and policies. Customers may acknowledge the terms and policies publicized by these third parties on their website to stay informed. 1Office User also comply with the terms of service of these third parties

7. Data loss

1Office is liable for damages resulting from the loss of 1Office user’s data due to 1Office staff’s errors or the lack of software quality or the delay, interruption of data use.

1Office is responsible for ensuring technical conditions for the smooth use of 1Office software for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for 1Office User except for system maintenance, upgrading and troubleshooting period. The downtime of maintenance or upgrading or backup will be promptly notified by 1Office by a direct notice on the software. Maintenance, upgrading, or backup schedules will be conducted daily, weekly, monthly or annually and prioritized at night when the system is least used.

8. Payment and checking

1Office users need to pay every 12 months. The first payment session will be in accordance with the appendix attached to the contract. The next paid amount will be estimated by the multiplication between the last month of the previous payment period and 12 months. 1Office will issue an invoice for 1Office Users as soon as 1Office receives payment from 1Office Users.

All fees paid by 1Office Users will be added (including any promotions if any) to the 1Office User’s account. On the last day of the month, the system will automatically check the actual number of users in each type of account, thereby calculating the actual number of customers. After checking, the system will automatically deduct the amount in the 1Office User’s account and simultaneously notify customers via email. 1Office users can view the entire payment and checking history on the admin page.

The 1Office User’s account must not be negative for more than 10 days (except for public holidays and Tet holidays), in the event of a negative 1Office User’s account, 1Office is responsible for sending an notification via email to 1Office Users to remind him/her to top up. 1Office is not obligated to notify 1Office Users in hard copy. In case 1Office User requests a notification in hard copy, he/she shall bear all fast-shipping charges.

9. Termination of contract

The contract will be terminated in the following cases:

  • Two parties agree to liquidate the contract.
  • 1Office reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract due to the non-fulfillment of payment obligations of 1Office User in accordance with Article 8 (above).
  • 1Office User reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract due to the lack of data security and illegally breached data of other organizations or individuals of 1Office software.
  • 1Office unilaterally terminates the contract in accordance with the request of competent authorities 

10. Our Terms of Guarantee and Limitation of Liability

1Office does not guarantee, declare and warrant that the use of 1Office platform of Customer will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that 1Office platform will satisfy Customer’s request or all errors on the software and/or document will be edited or the overall system ensures the operation of 1Office platform (including but not limited to: the Internet, other transmission networks, the intranet and Client’s devices). 1Office does not warrant in any forms, whether obviously or implicitly, on terms such as quality satisfaction, suitability for particular needs or non-infringement of third party’s rights.

Customers will be solely liable for determining whether 1Office platform or 1Office platform’s generated information is correct and fully meets their needs 

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall 1Office be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or punitive damages, including but not limited to damages resulted from revenue loss or  profits loss, business advantage loss, job stoppage or data loss as a consequence of:

  • Active or inactive 1Office platform
  • Any changes made to 1Office platform
  • Access denied or data modified
  • Deleting, corrupting, or failing to archive data on or through 1Office platform
  • Statements or behaviours of any third party regarding 1Office platform
  • Any problem related to 1Office platform.

11. Force majeure

In the event of force majeure, two parties are not obliged to perform their liabilities in this contract. Two parties agree to consider the following cases as force majeure:

  • Natural disasters or epidemics seperate or destroy or obstruct or interrupt the connections to 1Office’s data center.
  • Large-scale power failure; The breakdown of telecommunication cables resulting in interruption or break of telecommunications and the Internet connection to 1 Office’s data center
  • Other force majeure events governed by the law.

12. Dispute settlement

All disputes or disagreements arising among two parties will be resolved in respect of mutual cooperation 

In the event of dispute settlement’s failure, two parties shall bring the case to Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City Civil Court. Judgment of the Hanoi / City. Ho Chi Minh Civil Court is the final judgment that 1Office shall comply with.